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Contemporary Reflexology College was created by Principal Allison Walker

The college mission is always to teach Reflexology to the highest possible standard with forward thinking and creative techniques. Contemporary Reflexology College has taught the original Level 5 Diploma in Practitioner Reflexology since it's inception in 2012. Now, as a Founder Partner of The Integrated Reflexology Consortium, Allison has been able to completely update the course together with her partners. The course is now absolutely relevant for today's discerning student learner - modern, progressive, interesting and accessible.

About College Principal Allison Walker:

Sunflowers have always had a special meaning for me, more so now as a symbol of freedom and hope. I took this photo in Devon and love the sunny optimism and healing properties of sunflowers.

An experienced Reflexology Practitioner and Teacher, Allison has been in clinical practice for over 23 years and teaching for 21 years.

She lives in the Derbyshire Dales with her Shih Tzu Teddy. Allison's interests include Qigong, Wildlife Photography, writing articles and short stories, veggie cooking, reading and walking in the Peak District.

Here are some of Allison's training, qualifications and membership details:

Allison discovered Complementary Therapies through tackling her
own health issues.

  • FMAR - Fellow Member of The Association of Reflexologists - nominated by the local AoR group for teaching

  • Qualified Adult Education Teacher

  • ART (Reg'd) - Advanced Reflexology Training

  • V.R.T Trained (Vertical Reflexology Techniques)
  • Graduate and former Regional Director of The International Institute of Reflexology
  • Former Tutor for Jubilee College
  • Diploma in Nerve Reflexology with Nico Pauly MNT-NR
  • Trained in Auricular Reflexology and Acupuncture, Meridian and 5 Element Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage Reflexology, Sub-Fertility and Maternity Care Reflexology, Palliative Care Reflexology and more

  • MET - Trained to Master Practitioner /Trainer level in Meridian Energy Therapies including E.F.T - The Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Reiki Master
  • Reconnective Healer
"I was a busy Sales Manager driving approximately 50,000 miles a year, with many different hats on, never stopping to give my mind and body time to relax and heal. I ended up with irritable bowel syndrome, a worsening of migraines, terrible back pain from an old injury, endometriosis and fibroids.

The medical profession could only help me so far and I knew that I had to start listening to my body and sort it out myself. Once I took responsibility for my own healing I never looked back. I learned about nutrition and nutritional and herbal supplements and was on the anti-candida diet for a year. I changed jobs and decided to re-train whilst still working hard but was determined to improve my quality of life. Once you find yourself on the right pathway everything seems to accelerate and slot into place. I found the perfect therapy for me - Reflexology - and I realised that I could do something to help myself and help others at the same time! I qualified as a Reflexologist in the 1990's and have worked with hundreds of people helping them on their healing journeys, I feel so priviledged!

Soon after qualifying I had three busy clinics and was seeing up to 50 people a week in my early years of practice, so much learning and experience gained!

I never cease to be amazed at the body's innate ability to heal itself given the right signals and support. I have worked tirelessly (without the stress!) to hone my Reflexology skills, attending specialist courses, workshops and seminars. The rewards for helping people are truly amazing, I would recommend a career in Reflexology to anyone who cares about the well being of others and enjoys supporting people through their physical and emotional life challenges. Having had emotional challenges myself with divorce and bereavement I feel that I can empathise with my clients, my own strong spiritual beliefs really helping me to understand what our purpose is in life and to see the bigger picture.  
Working as a Reflexologist I can see the way that clients' bodies try to rebalance but I also understand the importance of lifestyle choices, diet and emotional well being to our health and happiness.

I am passionate about working with people holistically to help them to move forward in life as I have managed to do. Teaching Reflexology is a joy and I love sharing my experience and knowledge with like-minded people. The Level 5 course is so exciting to teach. It really equips the modern reflexologist for today's world. I also love the way in which each Tutor can add to the main syllabus by introducing their own specialisms, this is why with CRC there is so much emphasis on self-care and valuable techniques to help people with pain management - such as the simple but powerful Auricular Reflexology.

I have specialised in clinical practice in helping those with physical and emotional pain and believe that it is important to share my skills and knowledge in this area with my groups. It is important that each person in my groups participates and tells their story for the most powerful and long lasting learning comes from what each of us has to share with the other. So group discussions, when we sometimes go right off the initial topic, are not only great fun but also very valuable! If anything that I have mentioned here has struck a chord with you then do get in touch for a chat, sometimes you need to connect with a real person and talk through your aspirations and options before making such a life changing decision!"