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It is important to get a feel for the college, the course and what it entails, hopefully these photos and comments will help:


'Since qualifying in Level 5 Clinical Reflexology in 2020 with Allison Walker I have gone on to set up my own practice at home. I found the Level 5 qualification very in depth and gave me all the information and training I needed to set up my own practice.

Over the last two years I have built up a great client base and I am now working full time as a reflexologist and I absolutely love it! I see a range of clients including those struggling with menopausal and perimenopausal symptoms, anxiety and stress related symptoms and I also offer treatments to clients going through cancer treatment and palliative care. I have volunteered at a local hospice and treated both patients and carers and gained valuable experience.

I knew as soon as I enrolled on the course that I would love giving reflexology treatments and I have been amazed at the results that I have had with clients. I love being able to help clients relax, unwind and rebalance through the treatments that I offer.' CO


'I would highly recommend this course to everyone seeking a reflexology qualification. The College has a long track record in successfully training reflexologists and is  highly respected in the profession. Allison is an outstanding tutor and goes the extra mile for her students. It was a huge personal step for me to undertake the course and it is easily one of the best things I have ever done in my life.

I learned so much and developed an amazing amount of knowledge, experience and confidence in just over a year. I can’t rate or thank her enough as I now  embark on my career as a reflexologist.  It makes me happy to know that I will be always in touch with her, and with my fellow students long after we have established our reflexology practices.'

Reflexology College Manchester 2021-2022

Reflexology College Manchester 2021-2022

'Thoroughly enjoyed the course, I have learnt so much more than ever I would have imagined I would! Allison has been a fantastic tutor and mentor. I now feel completely ready and prepared to start my reflexology journey!' NH

Success is just a step away!

Success is just a step away!

"I want to say how much I've enjoyed the Reflexology course, and what a great tutor Allison is; her enthusiasm for Reflexology has been an absolute inspiration, thankyou! I feel that I am at the start of a wonderful journey, and that is mainly due, I think, to the excellent training we have had, so a big thankyou to everyone concerned. AY


'Although a lot of work whilst working full time, I've enjoyed the course in terms of content as well as the lovely people who I trained with. Allison is very knowledgeable and passionate about reflexology and is a true inspiration to prospective reflexologists'.


"Allison is an inspirational teacher, her knowledge of Reflexology, the body, nutrition and pathologies is fantastic . Her real passion for reflexology, pure line of training from Dwight Byers and all the anecdotes she is able to draw on from her wealth of experience make her classes fascinating .

Allison is patient, caring, understanding and inspires confidence, she is really generous with her support both at and between sessions. I am so glad to have chosen to train with her, as I feel through this training I have given myself the best possible start in Reflexology and feel that now and going forward I have the support of a truly professional and friendly college. Thank you".

Last day on their way!

I am both sad and excited at the same time to be coming to the end of this Level 5 Reflexology course, which has been all I had hoped for, plus a lot more besides!

It has been a very intensive year and a fascinating journey of self-discovery, as well as in-depth learning of theories and techniques. There is an excellent balance between theory and practice on this course, you get started on the practical techniques straight away, which really built my confidence.

So much ground is covered during the weekend college dates; anatomy, physiology, pathology, techniques for working the feet, the hands, the ears, fertility treatments, palliative care, meridians and more. This is all backed up with excellent resources, charts, hand-outs, DVDs to enable you to consolidate your learning at home.
However, no matter how well-structured a course is, two key elements are needed for success, one being the qualities of the tutors and the other the qualities of the learner.

Allison is an extremely knowledgeable, experienced, professional and passionate advocate for reflexology. She delivers the course material with humour, patience and enthusiasm and, together with Ruth, provides a supportive, inclusive environment and quality feedback, which allows all different types of learner to succeed.

If you are considering this course, I would recommend it to you without any reservations, but would add the warning that you, as a learner, need to be fully committed, self-motivated and very organised to get the best from it. LD


"Allison is approachable, caring and passionate about her subject. Her knowledge and expertise in reflexology is second to none, and is happy to share as much information with her students as possible.

She has first class training from Dwight Byers, which is prestigeous in its self. I would like to thank her for helping me through my own exciting journey into the world of Reflexology. Heart felt thanks and appreciation".

Cheshire venue - ready for the new class

This course has surpassed all of my expectations! I enrolled simply because I really felt like I needed a new challenge having worked as a Speech and Language Therapist in the NHS for 20 years and if I’m honest, did not know a huge amount about reflexology or have a grand plan. I have been so impressed by what I have learnt that I now want to reduce my hours to concentrate on this as a new career. MD

The course, the tutor, the other students have all been just brilliant! The syllabus is structured in such a way that your practical skills develop in conjunction with the associated anatomy, physiology and pathology topics all of which I found extremely interesting.

Don’t expect it to be easy as it is intensive, takes hard work and discipline and you will need to put the hours in to get the best from it. However, you will be supported and encouraged every step of the way by Allison, who is so enthusiastic and a true professional with an absolute passion for her vocation along with Ruth, who completed the course a couple of years ago and is able to offer lots of additional, really helpful advice.

I can honestly say that it has not only provided me with the challenge I sought but so much more and has been worth every penny. I will be sad to finish but feel I have been equipped with the confidence to take on this new venture. 

Learners working together with hand and foot reflexology

Quite simply this course and Allison have changed my life!

I can’t say enough about the quality of the course content and the standard of the College’s teaching, it is truly outstanding and I would recommend it to anyone.

I felt so encouraged and supported throughout the course to the point that I now believe a radical change from accountancy to reflexology is not only possible but an “essential” change that I can and indeed will make.
I am so glad that I chose the training route that I did. I know that I have had the best possible training which gives me great confidence as I move forward as a Clinical Reflexologist.

I am a little sad that my training with Allison and Ruth is now coming to an end but I look forward to some exciting CPD courses with the College and I know that Allison will continue to stay in touch and indeed remain very interested in what we all eventually do with our new and exciting qualification!  MP


I am so pleased that I signed up for this course 12 months ago. Reflexology was completely new to me and this was the start to my new career. I have found it a real challenge whilst working full time but also extremely rewarding. The girls in my Manchester group were all lovely and all quite different and like a new little family. I know that I could call on any one of them for a bit of support even after the course has finished.

Although it is a lot of hard work that you really have to commit to, it is also fun and you also get to have a lovely treatment when in the classroom.
If you are thinking of signing up I recommend that you read up on the Anatomy and Physiology if you can before you start as an overview of each of the body systems will really help you on your way.

I highly recommend the course as it will teach you invaluable skills for life. Allison is a font of knowledge and has a wealth of experience and is very willing to pass it on. Reflexology and helping people is her passion and she is very supportive. I can honestly say that I wouldn't have wanted to be taught Reflexology by anybody else.

Knutsford Group last day celebrations!

This course has been such an in depth, informative, exciting and stimulating journey. I have gained such a profound understanding of how the human body systems work, interlink with each other and affect our everyday lives.

Allison has made each college weekend so enjoyable with he enthusiasm, humour and extensive knowledge and experience, that you want to learn more and be eager to put it all into practice. I have to admit that there was a lot more work involved than anticipated and you need to be prepared to invest a lot of time at home to complete practicals, assignments, workbooks and pathology charts. Having said this it all pays off as it really does equip you with all the tools you need to become a professional reflexologist.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about becoming a Reflexologist and wants to achieve the highest possible standards. JH

First weekend practical session

First weekend practical session

A testimonial from one of the learners clients very early on in the course!: 'I had the pleasure of receiving 6 reflexology treatments with Claire which have been extremely enjoyable and most helpful from a health & wellbeing point of view.

I’ve been navigating through a very stressful time of late and suffer from a mild anxiety condition so the treatments from Claire were most welcome and helped me to relax and sleep more effectively. I noticed that as I progressed through the 6 sessions I had less blockages (pain points) as Claire was clearly was releasing and making a differences to my reflexes … as a result the treatments became more and more relaxing.

Claire is a very professional therapist showing a caring and thoroughly sincere approach to my wellbeing as well as my personal comfort throughout the treatments. I would not hesitate to recommend Claire as Reflexologist and whilst I’m aware she is currently a student and still learning I can honestly say that her treatments surpassed the many I’ve had from trained therapists in the past.

It is evident that Claire loves this type of work - her enthusiasm, confidence and passion to help people was clear from the outset. I’ve asked to become an on-going client and very much look forward to my next treatment.' This was submitted with initial practice sessions from learner 


I feel very privileged to have been taught by Allison, she is a natural teacher with excellent practical skills and an astounding knowledge of reflexology, anatomy, pathologies, nutrition and many other therapies all of which she delivers in an intuitive but fun way.

Added to this, she is caring, patient and empathic and creates a calm atmosphere in the classroom, which has been especially helpful when at times we have all felt rather overwhelmed by the volume of work and new knowledge to absorb. Allison's passion for Reflexology is quite contagious and she clearly wants all her students to succeed and does everything possible to help us achieve that goal. She's very generous with her time and has supported and encouraged us all, not just in class but between sessions too.

I am amazed at how much I have learnt in the last year and just want to put it into practice now but it's reassuring to know that I have the ongoing support of such a professional and respected college, when starting out on my own. So thank you Allison"

Working up to the knees

'I'm about to complete the level 5 Reflexology Course with Allison walker from Contemporary Reflexology College. I am already a midwife and work at a Birth Centre.

I can wholeheartedly recommend this course and Allison as a teacher.  I felt extremely well supported in what for me was an incredibly intensive and full-on year. I loved learning about all the body systems and how amazingly everything makes sense and fits together. I totally loved learning how to give a full and really thorough treatment to anybody, regardless of age, presenting pathology or stage of illness.  

Without doubt, the course is hard work and very demanding, but I felt that everything we learned was relevant. I particularly liked the fact that we learned many different techniques and learned these not just for the feet, but also for hands and ears, making reflexology treatments applicable to everybody.  We even learned acupressure and how to give Meridian treatments.  I feel I've got many new tools in my toolbox and am able to benefit the women I look after on an even more holistic level. I feel excited to know that it has even enhanced my job perspectives as a midwife as I'm going to become employed by my trust as a midwife reflexologist. My own family and children have also benefitted and love the fact that mum can give lovely relaxing treatments to help them go to sleep, ease menstruation pain etc.

It is very evident how committed Allison is to her profession and to teaching her students to the highest standard. She was always patient and good-natured, easily approachable and fun to be with. I'll miss her, as well as our lovely group and am keen to keep in touch with everybody.

Good luck to all future reflexology students of Contemporary Reflexology College, you're in for a great and life-changing year!'  M L-S 


I’m so glad I embarked on this rewarding and challenging learning journey. The course was great and delivered by a passionate, supportive, enthusiastic and innovative trainer.

I particularly liked being around like minded learners – there was an excellent group dynamic and this made the course very enjoyable.

The course material are top-notch (especially the charts - they are brilliant!) and Allison taught us a wide range of techniques to work on feet, hands and ears. I feel well-equipped and confident to start my reflexology business.

The healing power of touch

The healing power of touch

'Having just completed this course and become qualified, I feel compelled to share my experience with any one who is considering embarking on this path. There is no denying the fact that the course involves a lot of work and requires dedication and motivation but this became easier as my passion for reflexology grew.

It has amazed me how much I have learned over the past year and how much my confidence has grown. I am so glad I decided to do the level 5 course, it has equipped me with the most specialist skills and knowledge. It was the best decision I made and worth every penny.

From the first day I just knew that this was going to be the most challenging yet rewarding thing I would ever do. I am so glad that I was able able to share my journey with such amazing like minded people and been privileged to have been taught by the most wonderful teacher to whom nothing is too much trouble.

Her passion is contagious and her experience and knowledge so inspiring. I am excited for the future and feel so glad and lucky that I now have a passion, a skill and am embarking on the most rewarding career I could imagine having.'  DG


"I think the overall standard of the course was of the highest quality. I definitely made the right decision by choosing this college to carry out my reflexology studies. I received a high quality learning experience with a well-designed syllabus which provided a good balance between the practical experiences and in-class theory and assessments.

I have been trained by a very pure lineage in reflexology in that my teacher Allison Walker has been trained by Dwight Byers who is the nephew of Eunice Ingham the founder of reflexology.

Allison is a Master Practitioner of Reflexology with an amazingly in-depth knowledge and understanding of the anatomy and physiology and pathologies of which she has conscientiously passed on with such enthusiasm and love for what she does.

It is this enthusiasm and love of reflexology that has made the course worth every penny. I feel very privileged to have been taught by Allison; she has been totally committed to me as a student and as a caring and understanding mentor and friend".


"Just writing to say how much I have enjoyed the Reflexology Course.  My tutor Allison has amazed me all the way through the course with her in depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology,  practical skills and teaching of Reflexology.  To go along with this she also created an atmosphere of peace and calmness,  she reassured us all the way through the course and encouraged us all to keep going,  even when we felt a bit overwhelmed by all the the new learning.   Even the practical exams were relaxing!  

The course was so much more than just learning Reflexology, it was also, all the useful nuggets of information which we could only have got from someone like Allison who has had so much experience working as a Clinical Reflexologist". 

Internal Quality Assessment reviews

Contemporary Reflexology College:

'As always the level that this course is run at by this centre is exemplary. This is reflected in the learner’s practical and written work. The attention to detail in every aspect of running this course remarkable. A very good visit'

'Another very exceptional visit at Contemporary Reflexology College. It was very clear how well all learners have been taught, and this was reflected in both their written and practical work.'

'This centre could certainly be used as an example of “what good looks like” to any new or existing centres. A very good visit.'

 'This is a very well run Partner Centre. The delivery of this course is second to none and this is reflected in the learners work. During the visit I was able to look through each learner’s files and the standard of work is consistent throughout. A very good visit.'

'All admin files were in good order, very organised and thorough. I was able to look at a lot of learners work during the visit and what I saw was of a very high standard. The practical demonstration was very good and it was clear that these learners are very competent and confident within their abilities.

One learner spoke to me about her experience. She was unsure as to whether she would be able to do the course as she has a deformity of the right thumb. She wanted to share with me how incredibly supported she has been throughout the course and special adaptation had been made.

She feels and I strongly agree that the support and work that has gone in to adapting work for her by Allison is above and beyond and she is extremely grateful. A very good visit.'

'It is very clear that this course is run with attention to detail in mind. All aspect of the course appears to be delivered extremely thoroughly. An excellent visit.'

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